Principals Message

The Eden Gardens Magnet staff is excited and committed to lead our students to achieve great academic success.  Our goal is to continue to provide an exceptional learning experience for every child every day.  Our instructional program is aligned to state standards with close attention to the needs of our magnet school population.  We are excited to be able to bring greatness to a new level in all of our students this year as we are in our third year of becoming a Franklin Covey Leader In Me school.  We adopted this new culture and are working toward Lighthouse status, becoming one of few in the state of Louisiana.  The Leader In Me process will teach our EGM students the 7 Habits of Happy Kids developed by Stephen Covey.  The goal of this work is to educate the whole child and empower students to become “take-charge” leaders and happy, effective kids.  Setting high expectations for students academically and socially will provide a safe, nurturing environment for students to become productive citizens.  Great happens at The Leader In Me schools.

As always, we believe in the power of families and the vested interest of our community.  To that end, we welcome parents and community into our school as we take our Leader In Me journey.  We look forward to working with you as partners as we develop young leaders.  It is both a privilege and pleasure to be the Principal at Eden Gardens Magnet School.



Sydney D. Allen