Since 2005, the Recycling Program at Eden Gardens has earned well over $30,000 by families collecting UPCs and by enrolling in store programs.   The contributions have helped our budding Eagles by providing supporting funds for SmartBoards, new equipment and supplies for art, music, PE, and new playground equipment, just to name a few!

Please clip labels/UPCs and enroll in store programs listed below.  It really is just that simple!



1-Box Tops (biggest earner) - click here for Box Tops


Clip and save this (must include an expiry date):   


 Online Shopping- if you like to shop online, check out before you shop to see if your favorite store participates in eBoxTops.  Purchases will be credited to EGM!  There are 300 stores to choose from like Best Buy, Athleta, Cabelas, Lowes, Target, ToysRus, and Oriental Trading to name a few.

BoxTops/KROGER COMBO-if you shop at Kroger, please go to and link your Kroger Plus card to EGM.  When you buy participating products, we will earn bonus eBoxTops!

2-Campbell's Labels For Education (LFE) - Click here for Labels For Education

Clip and Save this (must include barcode)   Note: can be 1,5,10 or 100 pt labels:                                                                                 





3-Community Coffee - Click here for Community Coffee

 Clip and Save this (must include barcode) :





4-Tyson Project A+:  found on Tyson frozen Chicken products - Click here for Tyson A+

Clip and Save this:                                                                           





5-Prang Power:  You can find Prang Power UPCs on art supplies under the brands Ticonderoga, Prang, Dixon, and Lyra. E.g. Highlighters, Pencils, paints, watercolors, etc - Click here for Prang Power

Clip and Save (must include barcode) :


We have two main collection contests over the school year that includes both class and individual top earning prize winners.  Keep your collections in a baggie with your child's name and teacher name and submit to the school during the designated collection times (times to be announced during the school year).


1-Target "Take Charge of Education"-REDcard, Target Credit or Debit Cards - click here for Target

  •  1% of your purchase goes toward EGM once your card is linked to EGM: Target (click to enroll), or by calling 800.316.6142 

2-Kroger Community Rewards - click here for Kroger Program

Each year starting in August,  re-enroll your Kroger Plus card to participate in the Kroger Community Rewards program.  You can only re-enroll your card online only, and not in store:               


3-Albertsons "Community Partners" - click here for Albertson's

  • Please use Albertson's card in baggie provided the next time you shop!
  • If you need one, contact Susan @ 318.550.1615 

4-Office Depot - "5% Back to School Programs" - EGMs program ID#: 70042901 but they can also look up at the counter


Thank you in advance for your support!


The EGM Recycling Committee (Please call Christine Fortson at 318.272.0169 or email if you have any questions or would like to get more involved.)