Eagles Sports

At Eden Gardens we love to show our spirit in and out of the classroom. 

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Send to Kelly Stratton at kellytucker2000@yahoo.com or contact her at 318-344-6587.  Thank you!


Eagle Football


2016 4th Grade Eagles Football

  09/17/2016      2:20pm      HERDNON       MESSMER PRACTICE  
  09/17/2016   9:00am        JETS     MESSMER STADIUM
  10/01/2016   1:00pm    WARRIORS      MESSMER PRACTICE
  10/06/2016   7:20pm    N. DESOTO     N. DESOTO STADIUM
  10/08/2016   9:00am    MANSFIELD      MESSMER PRACTICE
  10/15/2016   9:00am    MANSFIELD   NORTHWOOD STADIUM 
  10/22/2016  10:20am  S. HIGHLANDS      MESSMER PRACTICE
  11/05/2016     SUPERBOWL                    tba

2016 3rd Grade Eagles Football

  09/10/2016        9am        JETS   MESSMER STADIUM
  09/17/2016     9am      NTENSE   NORTHWOOD STADIUM  
  09/24/2016     1pm   RIVERSIDE   MESSMER PRACTICE
  10/01/2016     9am S. HIGHLANDS   MESSMER STADIUM
  10/08/2016     9am      NTENSE   NORTHWOOD STADIUM
  10/15/2016   10:20am      N. DESOTO   NORTHWOOD STADIUM
  10/22/2016     1pm    WARRIORS   NORTHWOOD STADIUM
  11/05/2016      4pm    RIVERSIDE                     TBA

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