What to Expect in First Grade!

  • You will need to fill out registration papers this year on the first day of school. The forms are on the website, so you can download and copy. Fill all of these out and bring with you on the first day of school. You will also need your checkbook for some fees.  If you do not have access to a computer, then you will need to bring with you your child's Social Security number as well as addresses and phone numbers of emergency contacts.  All of this paper work will take you at least 15-20 minutes to fill out in the cafeteria. You will want to take your child to class first, get some pictures, and then head to the cafeteria.  Everyone turns in their paper work before heading out for the day.
  • There are no nap times in first grade. This may seem great to your child at first, but it will catch up with him. Try to make sure he is getting to bed at a reasonable time. Class work is more serious now, and children seem to start dragging after lunch. The teachers are VERY aware of this and will ease the children into their new routines. 
  • Besides the holidays, there are two types of special celebrations in first grade. One is Froggy Friday, which usually takes place in early September. This is a fun ending to the studying of reptiles. The children can each bring a real or stuffed frog to school on this Friday. There are lots of crafts and projects and even a special froggy cupcake treat. This event will require parents to help get items prepared but not necessarily attend the special day. 
  • The second celebration is Dr.Seuss Day, which is at the end of February or the beginning of March.  This event is one you WON'T want to miss. It is a great day of "green eggs and ham" and many more of his stories that come to life.  Parents will be needed to help prepare as well as work a shift for your class. (This is similar to the Kindergarten Halloween Learning Carnival.) 
  • There are several field trips taken in first grade - Red River Revel, the hospital, and more.  Be looking for these permission slips and information from the teachers as to how many parents will be needed for the trips.  Remember to keep younger siblings at home or with a sitter when you attend.
  • This will be an important year for the Honors Assemblies.  When you see these announced, try to attend or have someone attend for you (grandparent, friend, aunt, etc.).  At the assemblies the teachers will call out perfect attendance, A/B Honor Roll, A Honor Roll, AR goal-reachers, and at the end of the year assembly there will be trophies for Running Club. As your child's teacher calls his name, they ask the child to turn to the audience and "face his parents."
  • In math the children will be learning addition and at the end of the year subtraction facts. Take time to practice these with your child using flash cards or worksheets.  They will be timed on these throughout the year.
  • The book character "Flat Stanley" is a fun project your child will be given.  The teachers will give you all the details, but just know "Flat Stanley" needs a fun destination, preferably out of town, for his adventure.
  • Take lots of pictures - and save them in an envelope for Fifth Grade Finale.  It will be here before you know it!

First Grade Rosters

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First Grade Rosters!

Peanut Free Information

We are now a peanut free school. All lunches and snacks should be peanut free. Click on the link below for peanut-free lunch and snack ideas.

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First Grade AR

Nine Weeks Deadline Books
1st October 6, 2017 5 books
2nd December 15, 2017 10 books
3rd March 2, 2018 15 books
4th May  4, 2018 15 books
Air U TBA 100 books

First Grade Daily Schedule

7:45-10:45 Information coming soon
10:45-11:15 Lunch
11:15-11:45 Recess