What to Expect in Kindergarten

The following is a list of things that go on throughout the kindergarten year.  This list has been compiled from suggestions by former Kindergarten parents and should be used as a “guide” as you enjoy your child’s first year at Eden Gardens.


  • You will be purchasing several uniform items at the beginning of this school year (fleece, sweatshirts) that you may not need to purchase again until 3rd grade or if the item is lost. These items do not change from year to year. Other items like spirit and Running Club t-shirts are sold every year with a new design and t-shirt color.

  • On the 1st day of school, you will want to walk your child to their class, maybe take a picture or two, but do not linger.  You have a great “BOO HOO” breakfast waiting for you in the library, and the Kindergarten teachers will be ready to start the day.

  • Read up on the procedures for carpool before your first attempt. Please feel free to ask questions before your child’s first day.  The line moves slowly the first week or two of school, but moves faster as each week passes.  If the bus runs in your neighborhood, give it a try. The children really love riding the bus.

  • “Pizza Slice Friday” is a snack and NOT served during lunch. Your child may need only one slice.  If you are going to participate in “Pizza Slice,” we suggest you purchase this for the entire year at one time.

  • It is always cold in the Eagle’s nest, even in the warm months.  Send your child’s fleece or sweatshirt/sweater daily because you never know when they will need it.

  • Your teacher will have volunteer lists for you to sign and be a weekly or monthly classroom helper. This is a great time for both moms and dads to see what their children are learning and to get to know their child’s classmates better.  You also get to read your child’s favorite book to the class.

  • All throughout the school year, but especially at the beginning, there will be several opportunities for you to donate.  Please do not feel overwhelmed by all of the requests.  We realize you may not be able to support each cause.  Do what you can or give your time/talent instead of a monetary contribution.

  • Your child will go on several field trips during Kindergarten. You may attend, but it would be better for you to not bring younger siblings along. Some field trips include Revel,  Christmas Tree Farm, Easter Egg Hunt and park, Krispy Kreme and Dollar Tree. Enjoy this time with your Kindergarten child.

  • School Directories will go on sale for $5.00 each. You may consider buying more than one so you can keep one at home and one in the car.

  • The school Carnival/Silent Auction will take place in mid-October, from 11am – 3 pm.  Mark your calendar now to attend this exciting day of games, food and fun for the whole family.  Your class will be responsible for 30 minute shifts to work carnival booths.  Please sign up to help cover a shift.

  • Kindergarten has their own costume Learning Carnival, not to be confused with the school-wide carnival. The Learning Carnival is only for Kindergarten students and their parents. The children bring their costumes to school and change at school for the event. Parents are encouraged to help with the centers and to dress up as well. You won’t want to miss this. (*Please label items you are sending to the teachers so they will know which carnival it is for.)

  • Book fair takes place twice a year at Eden Gardens (November and May). There will be a day set aside for your child’s class to visit the fair. This is a great opportunity for parents to eat lunch and then shop for some new books. Eden Gardens’ students in 1st – 5th grades participate in the Accelerated Reading (AR) program. Consider this when purchasing books for your student.  You will also have an opportunity to purchase a gift card for your child’s teacher so she can shop for new classroom books. 

  • Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! Start in Kindergarten taking pictures of every event your child has at school.  Try to also include other children as well. Groups of 3-4 children are best. I know it seems like a long time away, but in 5th grade there will be a video recapping all of your child’s years at Eden Gardens.  Keep your pictures in a separate box with only Eden Garden school pictures inside. This will be so handy to grab when needing pictures for the video in 5th grade.

  • You will need a white sweat shirt for your child for a Christmas project. Start shopping now because they seem to disappear around Christmas.

  • We collect BOX TOPS for Education. Start clipping now and save. Information on Box Top contests will be announced in the Monday Memo.

  • Check the Cafeteria menu for the days that ice cream is served.  Your child won’t want to miss this.

  • In March our school will celebrate our faculty and staff with “Teacher Appreciation” week.  This is a full week of food and gifts sponsored by the PTA. Kindergarten classes will be asked to help provide food and drinks for the breakfasts each morning.

  • Your child will provide the entertainment for the Kindergarten Round Up in April. This program will be performed by your child several times in one week ending on Friday with a special Grandparents’ Day. The theme will be determined by the Kindergarten teachers and music teacher. A simple costume will be needed.  Most children like to go home with their grandparents after that performance.

  • At Christmas and your teacher’s birthday, you may be asked by your room mom to donate for a class gift. This is a great opportunity to go in together to get your teacher a fabulous gift. Your room moms have been given a “Wish List” of all your teacher’s favorites.  It is always fun to get them something they REALLY want.

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