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Friday, September 27: Spirit and Pride Day (Spirit Shirt w/Khakis), Carpool fast pass tickets go on sale.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FOLLOWING STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS FOR THE 2019-20 SCHOOL YEAR!!  3rd grade: Blage Lopez, Jinx Chambers, Kennison Roberts, Kinsley Mayfield, Maebree Monday and Quinn Mackey.  4th Grade: Ariana Elkins, Caitlyn Collins, Chloe Lerchie, Emersyn Whited, Gavin Guy, Kensey Scoggin, Lillian Peck, Macy Monday, Nitin Javalker, Reide Oakes and Renner Smith.  5th grade: Avi Guthikonda, Caroline Smith, Charlotte Holtsclaw, Christopher Hill, Emerson Sater, Emma Fleming, Gavin Eppers, Gracie Cooper, Graham Gordy, Kyndall Acosta, Michelle Jenkins and Tanmayee Iskapalli.

Cook’s Night Out:

Habit #4 – Think Win-Win:

EGM has always set high standards, and to reach “Lighthouse” status, our next step is to include the home in our habits practice. This punch card is for your child to complete activities during the first semester of school this year. As you complete an activity and have your child jot a short note on the activity to turn in to his/her teacher, the teacher will punch a hole in the card. As we work to reach “Lighthouse” status this year, involving your family and talking about the habits at home will definitely be a “win/win” for everyone. There is no penalty for not completing any activity, but we will have a reward for those students who have at least one hole for each month.

I love hearing stories of how these seven habits spill over from school to home.

Sydney Allen

Next PTA Meeting – Wednesday, October 9th:

Join us for our next PTA meeting on Wednesday, October 9th at noon in the Library.  All members are invited to attend.  Click here for a list of all PTA meetings for this school year.

School of Excellence Survey:

Our PTA is applying for the National PTA School of Excellence Award.  This designation recognizes strong partnerships among our families, school leaders, and community at large and visibility for the positive impact we are making together at Eden Gardens.

We need your help!  As part of the process, National PTA requests feedback from families at two points in the school year – the beginning and the end.  Please take 5-10 minutes to reflect on your experience at Eden Gardens and complete the survey at the attached link.  This survey is completely anonymous.

Caddo Public School Student Handbook:

Caddo Public Schools Student Handbook

Eden Gardens 2019-2020 Class List:

Click here for your 2019-2020 Class List

2019-2020 First Day of School Procedures and Enrollment Packs:

Click for your 2019-2020 1st Day Procedures.

2019-2020 School Supply List:

Click  for your 2019-2020 School supply list .

Message from the Principal:


Thank you so much for helping us transition to being a peanut-free school. We continue to ask that you not bring fast food into the cafeteria. Most fast food restaurants use peanut oil in their food preparation, which can be life-threatening to some of our students. I appreciate your support of this request. Read this website for ideas of Peanut Free snack.

Also, thank you for “hugging the curb” during carpool times. It makes it so much easier to have two lanes of cars when your car is close to the curb. Read Carpool Procedures

As always, you’re the best!

Sydney Allen


If your child will need medication during the school year, a parent or guardian MUST bring the medication and the appropriate forms here to school. The school needs a parent form and a Physician form for each medication. These forms must be updated each school year. Medication, as it is applies to school, includes all prescriptions and over the counter medications. Forms can be found under Eden Gardens Quick Links at the right of this page or click here.


Access Student Progress Center


Information on Student Accident Insurance for 2018-2019 year is here.


Help earn Eden Gardens earn cash through the Kroger Community Rewards Program. All families must re-enroll in the program, even if you’ve enrolled in previous years for Eden Gardens. Click here for complete instructions on how to enroll and link your Kroger Plus Card.

Don’t miss this opportunity to help! Enroll your card at today!


Shoparoo is a super easy “NO Clipping Required” FUNDRAISER! Please download the Shoparoo app on your phone or laptop to earn free cash for EGM by simply scanning your receipts. Suggest a friend or family member on behalf of EGM and earn an additional 150 pts or enter SKUZ6263 upon enrollment for extra points. It’s so EASY! (The app icon is a green flag)

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play


“Hug” the curb when waiting to go into the carpool driveway. That is the only way we can have room for the exiting cars to travel on down to Line Avenue. Do not “swing out” before turning into the carpool driveway, as it causes the exiting carpool line to stop because there is not enough room to pass.

Please do not “cut” in the carpool line. Carpool is a way of life at Eden Gardens. If you choose our school, then you also choose carpool or bus to transport your children to and from school. If everyone follows the procedures in place, our carpool will move as quickly as possible.

We want to be good neighbors, so please do not block driveways.
View Carpool Instructions

View Carpool Map


Please do not park in the reserved parking spaces in the teacher parking lot. These spots are reserved for silent auction winners. If you did not purchase them, please do not park in them.


Please consider sponsoring our award winning website by purchasing a web ad. The many advantages include supporting our students and school, helping grow our website, and promoting your business to a great audience.  Email Elba Hamilton at for pricing and information.