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 THIS WEEK IN THE EAGLE'S NEST::                                                

 May Calendar Click Here
Monday, May 15  Leader In Me Shirts w/khakis 
 AR Field Trip to Air U
 3rd - 5th 8:30am - 10:30am
 1st - 2nd 12:30pm - 2:30pm                   
Tuesday, May 16  5th Grade Finale Teacher Time & Teacher Skit 
 Eagle Sprouts 3:10pm - 4:15pm
Wednesday, May 17   5th Grade Finale 'FUN DAY'
 Honors Assemblies:
    8:30am (3rd, 4th & 5th Grades)
    9:30am (K, 1st, & 2nd Grades)
 K-2nd Grades End of Year Parties
Thursday, May 18
 5th Grade Graduation @ 8:30am
 3rd & 4th Grade End of Year Parties
Friday, May 19  Spirit Shirt w/uniform bottoms
 Last Day of School -End of 4th 9 weeks                    



Looking ahead in the Garden

 August 14, 2017   First Day of School !!!!!!!!   




If your child will need medication during the school year, a parent or guardian MUST bring the medication and the appropiate forms here to school.  The school needs a parent form and a Physician form for each medication.  These forms must be updated each school year.  Medication, as it is applies to school, includes all prescriptions and over the counter medications. Forms can be found under Eden Gardens Quick Links at the top of this page or click here.



Click here for instructions for the new student progress center.


STUDENT ACCIDENT INSURANCE 2016-2017 ~  Information on Student Accident Insurance for 2016-2017 year is here.  Click on the information for more details.  Student Accident Insurance Flyer, Brochure, Brochure in Spanish, Program Highlights, and additional Question & Answers.  

TIME TO RENEW YOUR KROGER REWARDS REGISTRATION for 2016-2017!! -Help earn Eden Gardens earn cash through the Kroger Community Rewards Program.  All families must re-enroll in the program, even if you've enrolled in previous years for Eden Gardens. Click here for complete instructions on how to enroll and link your Kroger Plus Card.  Don't miss this opportunity to help!  Enroll your card at today!

SHOPAROO-SHOPAROO is a super easy "NO Clipping Required" FUNDRAISER!! Please download the Shoparoo app on your phone or laptop to earn free cash for EGM by simply scanning your receipts.  Suggest a friend or family member on behalf of EGM and earn an additional 150 pts or enter SKUZ6263 upon enrollment for extra points.  It's so EASY!!! (The app icon is a green flag)

Message from the Principal:

Parents, Thank you so much for helping us transition to being a peanut-free school. We continue to ask that you not bring fast food into the cafeteria. Most fast food restaurants use peanut oil in their food preparation, which can be life-threatening to some of our students. I appreciate your support of this request.

Also, thank you for "hugging the curb" during carpool times. It makes it so much easier to have two lanes of cars when your car is close to the curb.

As always, you're the best!

Sydney Allen



"Hug" the curb when waiting to go into the carpool driveway. That is the only way we can have room for the exiting cars to travel on down to Line Avenue. Do not "swing out" before turning into the carpool driveway, as it causes the exiting carpool line to stop because there is not enough room to pass.


  • Please do not "cut" in thecarpool line. Carpool is a way of life at Eden Gardens. If you choose our school, then you also choose carpool or bus to transport your children to and from school. If everyone follows the procedures in place, our carpool will move as quickly as possible.
  • We want to be good neighbors, so please do not block driveways.
  • Click here for carpool instructions.   

Please do not park in the reserved parking spaces in the teacher parking lot. These spots are reserved for silent auction winners. If you did not purchase them, please do not park in them.



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Football 2016  Season
5th Grade EG Magnet Mustangs  contact Brad Simon at for more information
4th Grade Eden Gardens Eagles

 contact Dawn Townsend at for more information

3rd Grade EGM Tackle Football

 contact Richard Lopez at for more information