Cafeteria News

What’s For Lunch?


 Week One Rotation        
Monday                   Spaghetti      
Tuesday Chicken Crispito
Wednesday General TSO Chicken 
Thursday Chili Dogs
Friday                                                                     Chopped BBQ Beef Sandwich
 Week Two Rotation                  
Monday                                                    Chicken Tetrazzini    
Tuesday Chicken Fajita Tacos        
Wednesday Baked Chicken
Thursday Jambalaya
Friday Hamburgers


 Week Three Rotation        
Monday Red Beans & Sausage  
Tuesday Mesquite Glazed Drumstick
Wednesday Tacos
Thursday Corndogs
Friday                                                                     Pepperoni pizza

*Lunch Menu is subject to change.

** Lunch Menu is on a three week rotation.

Cafeteria Contact

Ms. Latasha Mitchell, Cafeteria Manager

Please contact the cafeteria at 364-3651 to check your child’s lunch account balance.  You have the option of using the very convenient service, a prepay service for any cafeteria items!  The cafeteria does not accept checks.

Click here for information on peanut-free lunches and snacks.