Cafeteria News

What’s For Lunch?


 Week One Rotation        
Monday                   Steak Fingers        
Tuesday Hotdogs
Wednesday Red Beans & Sausage
Thursday Chicken
Friday Natchitoches Meat Pies
 Week Two Rotation                  
Monday                   Sausage Pizza          
Tuesday Mesquite Glazed Drumstick
Wednesday Hamburgers
Thursday Crispitos
Friday Mini Corn Dogs

*Lunch Menu is subject to change.

** Lunch Menu is on a two-week rotation.

Cafeteria Contact

Ms. Latasha Mitchell, Cafeteria Manager

Please contact the cafeteria at 364-3651 to check your child’s lunch account balance.  You have the option of using the very convenient service, a prepay service for any cafeteria items!  The cafeteria does not accept checks.

Click here for information on peanut-free lunches and snacks.