President Elba Hamilton
Vice President Lindsay Smith  
Second VP Sidney Allen
Recording Secretary Kathryn Wood
Corresponding Secretary Kristy Payne
Treasurer Bronwyn Sanders

Teacher Rep  Chair Felicia Gipson
Accelerated Reader  Chair  Amy Watts
  Committee  Beth Edmonds, Parisa Zamani, Beth Brady, DeFrances Wiggins, Rachel Vanderlick, Lindsey Wynne
Book Fair Co-Chairs  Amy Watts (Fall) & Helen Wise (Spring)
  Assistant Chairs   Carla Broussard & Blair Irion
  Committee Parisa Zamani, Lacey Whited, Andrea Burlison, Renee Carr, Jodi Guthikonda, Terri Lux, Amy Watts, Wakenda Tanner, Michel Duvall, Stephanie Gordon, Sonia Johnson, Rachel Vanderlick, Laeshia Lias
Budget and Finance  Chair Bronwyn Sanders
  Committee  Elba Hamilton, Sydney Allen, Lindsay Smith, 2017-18 VP, 2017-18 Treasurer
Carnival  Co-Chairs  Will Whited & Moss Duvall
  Food Amanda Brewer
  Committee  Brock and Leslie Oaks, Alisha Shine, Michael Jones, Whitney Lary, Amber Wolfe, Sarah Susilovich, April and Billy Fried, Suzanne Burford, Crystal Rusley, Shannon Goldsmith, Lesha Pace, Danielle Buttler, Tia Gage
Chaplain Chair Jenni Genovese
  Committee Leslie Oakes, Amy Watts
Chocolate Sales Chair
  Committee Parisa Zamani, Carmen Varnell, Wakenda Tanner, Sehrish Nadeem, April and Billy Fried
Communications  Chair Olivia Showalter
  Directory Kristy Payne
  Newsletter Leslie Smith
  Publicity Olivia Showalter
  Website  Terri Lux
  Committee Ryan Wolfe, Tabatah Washington, Laurel Brightwell, Valerie Davidson, Christie Dunn, Molly Fouts, Valerie Davidson, Stephanie Hall, Amber Lara
Cook's Night Out Chair Sarah Miller
  Committee Leslie Smith, Amy Hall, Ryan Wolfe, Christine Fortson, Amber Lara
Cultural Arts Chair Elizabeth Strong
  Committee Rimi Singh, Whitney Lary, Molly Fouts, Lubomira Slaughter
Directory Chair Elizabeth Holtsclaw
  Committee Beth Wooden,  Laurel Brightwell, Ryan Wilkerson, Christie Dunn
Eagle Society Chair Jennifer Rossi
  Committee Parisa Zamani, Laurel Brightwell, Rimi Singh
Eagle Sprouts  Co-Chairs Brooke & Gabriel Balderas
  Committee Bronwyn Sanders, Amber Wolfe, Leslie Smith, Amy Watts, Alicia Smith
Eden Gardens Fun Run Chair Kelly Stratton
  Committee Sarah Susilovich, Rachael Vanderlick, Cindy Pearce, Megan Learchie, Michelle Key, Beth Wooden, Allison Guy, Darryl Guy, Mary Acosta, Kim Beckman, Danielle Buttler, April Fried, Billy Fried, Dunji Daniels, Kathryn Wood, Johanna Boult
Field Day Chairs Renee Carr
  Food  Bronwyn Sanders
  Committee Amber Wolfe, Michelle Key, April Fried, Billy Fried, Allison Guy, Darryl Guy, Tabatah Washington, Brock Oakes, Leslie Oakes, Renee Carr, Monette Ringor, Carmen Varnell, Suzanne Burford, Whitney Howell, Jamie Scoggin, Amber Lara
Fifth Grade Finale Co-Chairs Rachel Jacobs & Jennifer Rossi
  Committee Jodi Guthikonda, Melissa Gillum
  Chairs Cindy Kamm, Elizabeth Sater, Natalie Bomar, Jay Hinton, Amy Hall, Louise Sistrunk, Elizabeth Strong, Pat Roberts, Brooke Balderas, Jennifer Mackey, Tracy McGill
  Committee Elba Hamilton, Stephanie Gordon, Parisa Zamani, Joni O'Young, Michelle Key, Snejana Baltova, Maggie Cassidy, Crystal Mingo, Elizabeth Harrel, Eryn Cockerhem, Markisha Ward
Incentives Chair Christine Fortson
  Committee Shannon Wicklund, Stephanie Hall, Lacey Whited, Beth Edmonds
Landscaping Co-Chairs Bronwyn Sanders & Stewart Jordan
  Committee Beth Wooden, Michael Jones
Leader In Me Chair Kristy Payne
  Committee Beth Wooden, J.Antonio Florence, Olivia Showalter, Bronwyn Sanders, Rimi Singh, Amy Watts, Shannon Goldsmith, Christie Dunn, Helen Wise, Molly Fouts, Dawn Townsend, Stephanie Hall, Sarah Susilovich
Membership Chair Lindsay Smith
  Athletic Advisor Kelly Stratton
  Room Mom Coordinator Kristy Payne
Nominating    ***needs GM approval***
Office Volunteers Chair Rachel Vanderlick
  Committee Eula Houston, Joni O'Young, Cheryll Young, Alicia Smith, Susan Chance, Lindsey Wynne, Allison Guy, Darryl Guy, Wakenda Tanner, Laeshia Lias, Kathryn Wood, Parisa Zamani
Pizza Fridays Chair Dawn Townsend
  Assistant Chair Alicia Smith
  Committee Lisa Clark, Olivia Showalter, Melissa Gillum, Dunji Dunn, Gretchen Petterway, Kelly Salter, Mandy Crow, Monette Ringor, Ryan Wilkerson, Lindsey Wynne, Bridget Edwards, Andrea Burlison, Mary Acosta, DeFrances Wiggins
Plain Clothes Days Chair Parisa Zamani
  Assistant Chair Suzanne Cutty
  Committee  Laurel Brightwell, Crystal Wibben, Dawn Townsend, Leslie Oakes, Dunji Daniels, Michael Jones, Crystal Wibben, Bridget Edwards, Carmen Varnell, Danielle Buttler
Portrait Helpers Chair Kathryn Wood
  Committee Cherly Young, Eula Houston, Andrea Burlison, Wakenda Tanner, Lindsey Wynne
Publicity Chair Olivia Showalter
  Committee Laurel Brightwell, Felicia Gipson, K.C. Kilpatrick Stone, Leslie Smith, Christie Dunn
Silent Auction Chair  
  Grade Parties  
  Teacher Feature Beth Edmonds
  Committee Crystal Wibben, Kristin Gonzalez, Crystal Rusley, Beth Brady, Suzanne Cutty, Lacey Whited, Renee Carr, Michael Jones, Sarah Susilovich
School Improvement Chair Kristy Payne
  Recycling Sarah Hamauei
  Committee Amy Watts, Elba Hamilton, Sydney Allen
School Supplies Chair Terri Lux
  Co-Chair Jeannie LaVigne
  Committee Michel Duvall, Sarah Susilovich, Sonia Johnson, Laeshia Lias, Mary Acosta, Nicole Yoakum, Sehrish Nadeem, Shannon Goldsmith, Stephanie Gordon, Lacey Whited, Stewart Jordan, Lesha Pace, DeFrances Wiggins, Beth Edmonds, Dawn Townsend, Dunji Daniels, Carmen Varnell
Teacher Appreciation Co-Chairs Jamie Scoggin & Whitney Howell
  Committee Suzanne Burford, Jodi Guthikonda, Shannon Goldsmith, Stephanie Gordon, Kristin Gonzalez, Lesha Pace, Tabatah Washington
Third Grade Learning Carnival Chair Kelly Stratton
  Committee Gretchen Petterway, Lisa Clark, DeFrances Wiggins
Uniform Sales Chair Bronwyn Sanders
  Assistant Chair Shannon Goldsmith
  Committee Amy Watts, Laeshia Lias, Ryan Wilkerson, Nicole Yoakum, Sehrish Nadeem
Welcoming Chair

Lindsey Smith

  BooHoo Lindsey Smith
  New Student Lisa Clarke
  Open House Beth Edmonds
  Teacher Breakfast Pat Roberts
  Committee Whitney Howell, Jamie Scroggin, Holly Fleming, Lesha Pace, Tia Gage, Lynn Jenkins, Beth Brady, Kim Beckman, Ashley Nash, Cindy Pearce, Kristin Gonzalez, Markishia Ward, Kathryn Wood, Crystal Wibben, Lisa Clark, Rachel Vanderlick, Crystal Rusley, Olivia Showalter, Amy Watts, Shannon Goldsmith, Renee Carr, Christie Dunn, Stephanie Hall, Beth Edmonds, Elizabeth Sater

Those listed as Assistant Chair have agreed to chair the committees for the 2017-2018 school year.

PTA Memo

Our state-of-the-art website is an incredibly useful tool for our parents and students as well as prospective students.  To cover our website expenses, we sell ad space.  It is a great opportunity to support our school while promoting your business. 

Our PTA takes great pride in the active role we play at Eden Gardens.  Thank you to the many parents and grandparents who make our projects possible!  We won several PTA awards last year, but our real goal is the shared vision of making our children's potential reality.  Our parents' and teachers' commitment to their children's education and school experience are what consistently keeps our school at the top of the ranks in the state of Louisiana. 

It is never too late to get involved with our PTA.  Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to volunteer, and with such a wide variety of projects, there is something to fit every schedule.  Please contact Elba Hamilton with any questions or suggestions.

Link to Caddo District PTA Website 

Link to Louisiana State PTA Website

Link to National PTA Website

Link to Caddo Parish School District Website

Link to PTA Our Children Website


Note from PTA President

Welcome to Eden Gardens!  Our PTA is very active and involved, and we partner with the EGM faculty and staff to provide an exceptional educational experience for all students.  I encourage you to join the PTA, and also find a committee that you would like to serve on.  It takes everyone working together to achieve our goals!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.


Elba Hamilton, PTA President