2018-2019 Slate of Officers and Chairmen

Executive Committee

President Elizabeth Holtsclaw
Vice President Alicia Smith
Second VP Sydney Allen
Third VP Will Whited
Recording Secretary Kathryn Wood
Corresponding Secretary Leslie Oaks
Treasurer  Kelly Stratton

Board of Directors

Teacher Representative Felecia Gipson

Committee Chairmen

AR  Beth Edmonds
Book Fair  Blair Irion and Rachael Vanderlick  
Budget and Finance  Kelly Stratton
Carnival Renee Carr 
Chaplain Laurel Brightwell
Chocolate Sales Laura Fenwick and Lyndsey Harris
Communications Olivia Showalter
Cooks Night Out Beth Edmonds
Cultural Arts Stacy Eppers
Eagle Society Jennifer Rossi
Eagle Sprouts Brooke Balderas
EGM Fun Run Katy Chambers and Allison Mayfield
Field Day Lynn Jenkins and Michel Duvall
Fifth Grade Finale Katie Guin and Olivia Lind
Incentives Lacey Whited
Membership  Alicia Smith
Nominating *** needs GM approval ***
Office Volunteers Jessica Calhoun
Pizza Fridays Alicia Smith and Mary Acosta
Plain Clothes Days Julie Jordan
Portrait Helper Kathryn Wood
School Improvement Laura Pou 
School Supplies Robyn Alleman
Silent Auction Kristy Dye
Teacher Appreciation Lauren Tordone
Third Grade LA Carnival Amanda Brewer and Kathryn Wood
Uniform Sales Ryan Wilkerson
Welcoming Lindsay Smith

Please click here for a complete list of committee members.