Incentive Program

Did you know you can raise funds for Eden Gardens as you shop with rewards programs you may already use?

Several companies including Kroger, and Office Depot offer school and community fundraising using their rewards programs.

1)      Sign up if you are not already a rewards program member.

2)      Once a rewards program member, sign up for a school/community fundraiser program.  Each of the retailers has a slightly different program.  Below is a list of some frequently used programs.

3)      Once your rewards card is associated with a school/community fundraiser program, the numbers do not change.  So there is no need to re-register each year, except for Kroger Rewards.  Kroger Rewards participants will need to re-enroll his or her Kroger Plus Card on an annual basis.  You may change your preferences and associations at any time.


Rewards Program Fundraiser Program How to Participate:
Kroger Rewards Community Rewards Program Stop by your Kroger customer service booth or with your Kroger rewards account, login to  Enroll and select “EDEN GARDENS MAGNET SCHOOL PTA.”  Our organization # is 80928.

Click here for complete instructions on how to enroll and link your Kroger Plus Card.

Office Depot 5% Back to Schools Program Provide the 5% Back to Schools Program ID number when buying school supplies at Office Depot, our school will receive credits equal to 5% of the qualifying purchases to use for free supplies.

School ID: Eden GARDENS 70042901


Additional programs:

Box Tops for Education Collect box tops from any participating Box Top products and turn them in at our school office.  Funds raised directly support our school.  For a list of products and more program information go to
Papa Murphy’s Order only at and enter code THANKS at checkout.  This is for the 5856 Line Avenue location.  Papa Murphy’s will donate 20% of your online purchases to our PTA.